Chakra Yoga mit Stefanie Heider: »Das Dritte Auge Chakra«

Chakra Yoga with Stefanie Heider: »The Third Eye Chakra«

The Third Eye Chakra - "I trust my intuitive guidance"

Your third eye (or whatever you call this point 😉 ) is located between the eyebrows.

When this chakra is in flux, you find it easy to concentrate and your imagination works well.

You are connected to your intuition.

In the event of a blockage, it is difficult for you to imagine non-rational things and circumstances, and creativity usually suffers as a result.

All elements relate to the third eye chakra, which shines in blue-purple/indigo.

To activate this chakra, engaging in creativity and practicing asanas that bring awareness to this point helps.

This is also where it becomes clear that the chakras are interconnected, because in order to become creative, your sacral chakra to be open.

Three suggestions for suitable asanas for the third eye chakra in this video.

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