by Stefanie Heider

What is a chakra?

A chakra is a type of energy point.

Point is very figuratively speaking, but often the chakras are represented as colored dots along the spine.

In fact, these are only these 7 main chakras ...

In total, there are tens of thousands of chakras clustered around the energy channels (nadi system).

The seven main chakras form a kind of main distribution point for further connections to chakras and energy channels.

The third chakra is called the Solar Plexus Chakra. Here is a crucial clue as to what a chakra is.

This sunny place is nothing more than a network of nerve tracts (a plexus) when viewed soberly. So it makes sense that you could feel something there.

So each chakra is a plexus and, to put it more spiritually, an energy distribution center.

Why do you need to heal chakras?

Have you ever heard that? You should heal your chakras.

We automatically associate healing with illness.

Someone is sick, so he/she needs to be healed.

While your chakras don't get sick, they can become blocked.

Healing a chakra is usually understood as giving special attention to a chakra and opening it up.

Opening is to be understood metaphorically here, similar to when the yoga teacher says you should open your heart (heart chakra!).

The main chakras are located along the spine.

The first chakra (root chakra) is at the base of the spine and the top chakra (crown chakra) is at the crown of the head.

In between are the other chakras.

So that the energy can now flow through us unhindered, the path (the Nadi system) must be free.

As a result, there are factors by which one can recognize whether a chakra is blocked or free.

Healing a chakra means getting the energy to flow again.

Which healing stone is suitable for which chakra?

I take a critical view of healing stones. On the one hand, I like to use them myself when meditating, but on the other hand, they also make a lot of money and useless hocus-pocus.

What I believe healing stones can do is direct awareness and encourage focus on a specific topic. We can also use them to focus on a specific chakra.

The healing stones are mainly based on the color of the chakras.

Since the color of the root chakra is red, red stones are used here, such as red jasper.

An orange-colored stone is therefore the right one for the sacral chakra. Amber for example.

Next we need a yellow brick. As an example I would like to give you the yellow agate, I myself take a tiger's eye, because this stone stands for self-confidence.

The heart chakra is green and here, for example, moss agate comes into question, or because of the importance of love, pink rose quartz.

The throat chakra is blue like the sodalite.

For the third eye, I would particularly like to recommend the strong amethyst.

The crown chakra has several colors including white. I use a rock crystal here.

I have deliberately named cheaper stones for you here, as I refrain from paying a kind of "esoteric tax".

In general, be told: every stone that makes you feel good is the right healing stone for you!

What is spirituality?

There is no general answer to this question.

Everyone has their own idea.

Most of the time, however, spirituality refers to something spiritual, not visible, although we try to make it visible through objects that unfortunately often come with cultural appropriation.

It is turning to something non-rational.

So when I talk about the third eye, I'm not talking about a real eye with a pupil, optic nerve and eyelid, I'm talking about a spiritual eye.

However, you don't have to be spiritual to understand the chakras.

You remember? A chakra is a plexus, a network of nerves.

PS: In the next blog post I will show you exercises to try out about the 1st chakra, the so-called »root chakra«.

I wish you a lot of fun and joy.

Portrait of Stefanie Heider

Stefanie is a certified yoga teacher and focuses on yoga that is practicable for our German everyday life.

She succeeds in this by combining her passions and training in the field of yoga and cultural mediation.

She focuses on yoga for everyday life for women who want to realize themselves and live yoga with fun and joy in their everyday life. 

You can find more about Stefanie on her website "About me page"

Look forward to tomorrow... then the next newsletter on the subject of the root chakra will come, including an exercise you can do yourself immediately.

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