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Course "Chakra Yoga for your everyday life" by Stefanie Heider

Course "Chakra Yoga for your everyday life" by Stefanie Heider

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Zertifizierte Yoga Lehrerin

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Perfekt für Einsteigerinnen

The likeable yoga teacher Stefanie Heider has designed her course in such a way that you can integrate it perfectly into your everyday life.

Aim of the course: Strengthening energy for everyday life and self-confidence.

Step by step instructions for the 7 main chakras:

1. Root Chakra 2. Sacral Chakra 3. Solar Plexus 4. Heart Chakra 5. Throat Chakra 6. Third Eye Chakra 7. Crown Chakra

• All exercises can easily be integrated into everyday life.

• All exercises are available to you as videos.

• You have unlimited access to all videos.

• You can start immediately(!) after purchase.

We hope you enjoy the course and stay alert!

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