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100% organic men's shirt »Unf*ck You«

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Fuck is a modern English slang term and one of the most well-known swear words in the world.

The literal translation of to fuck is "to fuck". In colloquial language, however, it is usually not used in the literal sense, but as an adverbial, adjective, substantive or as an interjection to characterize situations as extreme. "Fuck" or "fucking" is often translated as "damn", "the hell" or "shit-...", although only the latter expression corresponds to a similarly vulgar usage.

Like other swear words (cf. Seven Dirty Words), fuck is officially taboo and also subject to censorship in English-speaking countries whose morality was largely shaped by Puritan values. In a survey of the British population, fuck came third and the derived term motherfucker second in the list of the hardest swear words. In first place was the word cunt (cunt).[1]

– from Wikipedia

The shirt is 🌱 100% organic and is handprinted with love by 🙌 in 🇩🇪 Germany .

SAYSORRY brand quality:
• Trendy fit
• Comfortable length
• 100% organic materials

SAYSORRY ships all products in environmentally friendly packaging made from 100% recyclable cardboard.

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