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100% organic men's shirt »I'm OM my Way«

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The OM. What is that?

" It is the sound vibration from which the entire universe has gradually manifested." This is the creation myth of tantric Hinduism. The sign of the primal sound looks like a 30 and is widespread in yoga. This sound and symbol conceals the totality of all trinities and the unity behind them. It is considered in Advaita Vedanta to be the manifestation closest to unmanifest, all-encompassing awareness, and thus the best symbol of Brahman - the pure and absolute consciousness. The "Pranava" is described in many ancient Indian texts as very sacred and special. Sage Patanjali also writes about it in his Yoga Sutra as Ishwara – God with attributes.
From my own experience, I can highly recommend pronouncing the Om a lot, feeling the vibrations and meditating on them.

The shirt is 🌱 100% organic and is handprinted with love by 🙌 in 🇩🇪 Germany .

SAYSORRY brand quality:
• Trendy fit
• Comfortable length
• 100% organic material

SAYSORRY ships all products in environmentally friendly packaging made from 100% recyclable cardboard.

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