About us

SAYSORRY stands for:

Perfect imperfect SAYSORRY was founded in Hamburg in 2020 as a small family start-up.

We are now the largest yoga shirt shop in the world with over 600 designs.

We love ...
- yoga
- Female Self-Powerment
- Female Well-Being
- Laughing a lot
- Environmental Sustainability
- fair trade.

We wrote down the SAYSORRY Manifesto that makes women stronger all over the world: 

I AM STRONG because I know my weaknesses. 

I AM BEAUTIFUL because I love myself as I am. 

I AM COURAGEOUS because I accept fear. 

I CAN LAUGH because I know the sadness. 

I AM HAPPY because I have chosen to be.

SAYSORRY is female empowerment 

Instead of always hailing a few women as "power women", we want to give all women the power to go their own way and help shape the world. 

SAYSORRY sells 100% organic textiles

- SAYSORRY sells 100% organic shirts and hoodies.
- SAYSORRY prints using a waterless process.
- SAYSORRY prints with inks that are free of heavy metals.
- SAYSORRY produces and ships in plastic-free packaging from Germany.