SAYSORRY and intueat

"Without a feel-good weight diet?"

intueat is the nutritional program by Dr. medical Mareike Awe. A distinction is made here between ideal weight and good weight.

According to Mareike Awe, there is no such thing as an ideal weight. She says that every person has a very individual well-being, which can vary plus or minus 10 kilograms.

dr Mareike Awe founded intueat in 2016 with the aim of putting an end to the diet madness. We at SAYSORRY think that's great!

In the meantime, Mareike has accompanied over 70,000 women and men on their way to their personal feel-good weight with intueat. The intueat program attaches great importance to the development of self-love.

Because only those who respect themselves and their body will find their way to the right, i.e. intuitive , diet.

With over 8 million downloads, your nutrition podcast is the most successful in the German-speaking world.

I spoke to Mareike personally and got to know the philosophy of intueat first hand.

Watch the interview here:

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"Aren't we all perfectly imperfect?"

The right hoodie for the intueat program 😇

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Finde ich mal gut. Diäten finde ich abscheulich. Hab schon genug ausprobiert. NEIN DANKE! Das Programm schaue ich mir mal an. Werde berichten. Gruß und Küsschen, Jutta😙


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