Dear yoginis and yogis, dear friends of SAYSORRY💞

After months of work - very often it went late into the night - we are finally presenting our new, creative brand today.

We are proud, but also very excited if you like our new collection too 🙈

May I introduce …?

The MediTier©

But from the beginning ... how it all began:

How did the MediTier© come about?

About a year ago (I have a really bad sense of time) we sat in a circle doing yoga by candlelight.

It was a little later than usual (around 11:15 p.m.) when we suddenly realized that Sabine wasn't moving anymore while she was sitting on her yoga mat.

Sabine didn't respond to her name either.😧

I thought, "Oh god, did something happen...?"

But we all realized pretty quickly that Sabine had just fallen asleep. While sitting!!!

Sabine had 2 little twin girls, was exhausted and simply grateful for every minute she didn't have to be there for others.


We put a light blanket over Sabine's shoulders and woke her up gently... and then we all had to laugh heartily together.😇

Anne (another course participant) then told us that she had to think of a "Sloth" when she saw Sabine sleeping.

Anne told us about the Sloth she saw a documentary about.

At some point we all looked at each other questioningly and said:

"What the heck is a sloth???"

Anne explained that sloth is English and simply means sloth in German.

Big laughs again!!!

Sabine (now fully awake again) complained to Anne about this unflattering comparison.

But Anne undeterred continued to talk about the sloth.

She said, "It barely moves."

And further: "... when it sits so quietly, one could think that it is meditating."

Anne described the sloth to us as follows...

• It rests in itself
• It's personable
• It's sooo cute

Somehow we all had to look at Sabine 😬...

Anne was right:

Sabine is also at peace, she is likeable and sooo sweet... (and of course she is much prettier than a sloth)

The idea of ​​MediTier© was quickly born.

In the end, Sabine was also enthusiastic and we all developed the new designs for the MediTier© together.

Anne made this great video:

Click here 👉 Discover the meditator

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