Namasté Stefanie, nice to have you here...

SAYSORRY: Hey Stefanie, how did you get into yoga?

Stefanie: In 2012 I started a self-care program due to health problems - including in 2014 I ended up on the beautiful island of Formentera, where I was able to attend my first yoga retreat and experience it emotionally. Yoga with a view of the sea - a wonderful group, my first trip all alone and a very special moment for me - WITH YOGA 💞

SAYSORRY: What else do you do in your life when you're not doing yoga?

Stefanie: I am self-employed in the HR (Human Resources/Personal) department - here everything revolves around the topic of personnel, recruiting, personnel development and at the same time I run my small project the "Relaxation & Mental Workshop" - this is also about the person " MENSCH”, here you will find everything that contributes to relaxation, autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation and YOGA. Away from stress or tension, towards relaxation, inner peace. The focus is on people in all my areas. 

SAYSORRY: If someone asked you, "What is yoga good for anyway?", how would you answer that person?

Stefanie: Yoga supports you on three levels, your psyche, your body and your emotions.  Yoga gives you strength, energy, supports your Confidence gives you courage. It strengthens  and stretches your muscles, mobilizes the spine and can be a great preventative way to prevent pain. Yoga strengthens your immune system and detoxifies.

In addition, the asanas, breathing and meditation techniques have a positive effect on body and mind. It can help reduce anxiety and favorably affect depression. 

SAYSORRY: What are the most beautiful moments in yoga for you personally?

Stefanie: To be in harmony with my body and my mind. My thoughts are gone, my breath is flowing and I am with myself - completely inside, with my inner observer. This merging of body and mind - a wonderful feeling and arriving at myself.

SAYSORRY: What does »being spiritual« mean to you?

Stefanie: There are a variety of ways to be spiritual. For me, being spiritual means being aware of the CONSCIOUS, being ATTENTION to my fellow human beings, but also to myself – taking good care of myself. TO BE, listen to what is going on with me and my fellow human beings, whether it is a good day or a not so good day.

For me, being spiritual means being grateful, being able to forgive, accepting and giving help, and allowing fears.  Yes, all of that is being spiritual to me.

SAYSORRY: Don't forget this famous question... What three things would you take with you to a desert island?

Stefanie: Kuno (King Charles Cavalier male), Emma (Chihuahua lady) and a woolen blanket – everything to cuddle and do yoga with 😊

PS: What is your favorite SAYSORRY design?

Stefanie: I have two favorite designs and they are already in my closet:




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