7 SAYSORRY Yoga-Fragen an Sabine Maria

7 SAYSORRY yoga questions for Sabine Maria

Namasté Sabine, nice to have you here...

SAYSORRY: Sabine, tell us... how did you get into yoga?

Sabine: I started Kundalini Yoga about 10 years ago. My curiosity drove me. I wanted to try something that would have a holistic and lasting impact on my life. 🌸

SAYSORRY: What else do you do in your life when you're not doing yoga?

Sabine: I either stand in front of the class, but this time I'm in the school and teach children 👩‍🏫 Or I work with my clients on their work-life balance 🧘🏼‍♀️

SAYSORRY: If someone asked you, "What is yoga good for anyway?", how would you answer that person?

Sabine: For your inside and outside. For your head and the thought spirals. For your vitality and your balance. To you. For your dreams and goals. For your own created universe. 

SAYSORRY: What are the most beautiful moments in yoga for you personally?

Sabine: The Savasana at the end :) - when I let go and surrender. 📿

SAYSORRY: What does »being spiritual« mean to you?

Sabine: To question, to feel and see, a journey into the inside and the desire to carry it out... appreciating the universe. 🌙

SAYSORRY: Don't forget this famous question... What three things would you take with you to a desert island?

Sabine: My dog, something to write with, a blanket ❤️

PS: What is your favorite SAYSORRY design?

Sabine: I love the dog t-shirts with the great sayings 😎

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