7 SAYSORRY Yoga-Fragen an Madeleine

7 SAYSORRY yoga questions for Madeleine

Namasté Madeleine, nice to have you here...

SAYSORRY: Madeleine, tell us... how did you get into yoga?

Madeleine: ... stress caused me more and more severe physical and psychological problems and I wanted to try something new.

Since I have always been very active in sports, I started online yoga in November 2020 due to the corona. And to learn more about it, I completed my yoga trainer license in April 2021.

SAYSORRY: What else do you do in your life when you're not doing yoga?

Madeleine: ... I walk or hike outside a lot. Mainly thanks to my dog ​​Birdy.

I train and work in the gym, enjoy meeting friends, but also enjoy reading in bed at night.

SAYSORRY: If someone asked you, "What is yoga good for anyway?", how would you answer that person?

Madeleine: ... to understand your body and yourself better and to find yourself.

SAYSORRY: What are the most beautiful moments in yoga for you personally?

Madeleine: ... if you can let your own flow flow and feel the connection to yourself. Also works well for savasana ;-)

SAYSORRY: What does »being spiritual« mean to you?

Madeleine: ... nothing religious at first. For me, spirituality means understanding our physical and psychological consciousness and learning how everything is in harmony with one another.

SAYSORRY: Don't forget this famous question... What three things would you take with you to a desert island?

Madeleine: ... if I don't miss anything there, then my family, my journal and a camera.

PS: What is your favorite SAYSORRY design?

Madeleine: ... "all I want is yoga, coffee and my dog"

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