7 SAYSORRY Yoga-Fragen an Claudia Göttling

7 SAYSORRY yoga questions for Claudia Göttling

Namasté Claudia, nice to have you here...

SAYSORRY: Tell us how did you get into yoga?

Claudia: In 2000 I registered for my first yoga course at the VHS. My tense back from too much office sitting was the reason. At the time, I never thought that yoga would completely change my life.

SAYSORRY: What else do you do in your life when you're not doing yoga?

Claudia : I love to travel, preferably with my husband and dog in our mobile home. I love nature and I love to learn.

Another great passion besides working as a yoga teacher is aromatherapy. Essential oils have incredible power.

SAYSORRY: If someone asked you, "What is yoga good for anyway?", how would you answer that person?

Claudia: It lets you mature as a person, not only promotes your body, but first and foremost your personality.

SAYSORRY: What are the most beautiful moments in yoga for you personally?

Claudia : The moments of absolute stillness in the mind. This is like magic!

SAYSORRY: What does »being spiritual« mean to you?

Claudia: Above all "to be connected". And not just with my immediate surroundings, but with all of creation and realizing that I am not an isolated being and that everything I do has an impact.

SAYSORRY: Don't forget this famous question... What three things would you take with you to a desert island?

Claudia : Very good! This question is always exciting. Apart from the fact that of course he's not a thing ;-), my dog, my e-book reader and my big box of essential oils.

SAYSORRY: Which shirt do you like best?

Claudia: That's easy! "All I want is Yoga, Coffee and my Dog"

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