7 SAYSORRY Fragen rund um Yoga an die Yogini Kristina Maktub

7 SAYSORRY yoga questions for Kristina Maktub

Namasté Kristina, nice to have you here

SAYSORRY: Tell us how did you get into yoga?

Kristina: I was looking for a challenge that would challenge me both physically and mentally - of course yoga is perfect for that!

SAYSORRY: What else do you do in your life when you're not doing yoga?

Kristina : I live KETOGEN 👉 NO sugar, NO carbohydrates (max. 20g), HIGH FAT (approx. 70%) plus intermittent fasting 16/8

I develop KETO recipes that I post regularly on my @modern.keto account.
I also like doing Pilates, jogging and walking my Frenchy "Kai-Uwe".

SAYSORRY: If someone asked you, "What is yoga good for anyway?", how would you answer that person?

Kristina : Yoga helps you to find yourself. Yoga helps you find inner contentment. Yoga makes you happy.

Last but not least: through yoga you get a great body 😉

SAYSORRY: What are the most beautiful moments in yoga for you personally?

Kristina : ...feeling the pain of stretching - and then "breathing away".

SAYSORRY: What does »being spiritual« mean to you?

Kristina : Being at peace with yourself & being receptive to the beautiful things in life that you can't see with the naked eye.

SAYSORRY: Don't forget this famous question... What three things would you take with you to a desert island?

Kristina : My husband, Frenchy "Kai Uwe", sunscreen.

SAYSORRY: Which shirt do you like best?


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