Chakra Yoga by Stefanie Heider: »Sacral Chakra«

The Sacral Chakra - "My life brings me joy."

The sacral chakra shines in a rich orange just below the navel.

Seen from below, it is the second of the main chakras and is associated with creativity and joie de vivre.

When you're creative and really engrossed in something, you say you're in flow.

This flow comes to the fore in the element.

Contrary to what the color might suggest, the element of the sacral chakra is water.

So when your sacral chakra is flowing freely, then you are creative and joyful.

you enjoy life If you lack creativity and you feel emotionally unavailable, your sacral chakra is probably blocked and should be healed or opened.

You can find suitable asanas for this in this video.

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